Once we have determined that you meet the eligibility criteria, one of our Assessment Officers will visit you at home to assess your needs.


A Living at Home Assessment is a broad assessment conducted by a qualified health professional. Our approach aims to build on the strengths and abilities of you and your carer, with a focus on improving your quality of life, social participation and your ability to manage daily tasks.

We start by listening to you and your family or carer.

We’ll discuss:

  • what you can do for yourself
  • what you need help with to stay safe and well at home
  • what you want to be able to do or keep doing

We then make a plan of care with you. This lists what you want to achieve and the support and services available to help you to remain living at home.

We can also discuss other services that might provide extra help or be more suitable for your needs.

The cost of the service will also be discussed as this stage.

You may ask for an interpreter to be present during the assessment. We can organise this at no cost to you.

For more information contact on 5155 8367