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You can speak to an experienced, Australian-registered doctor for free by phone or video, book via the HealthNow app or simply call 1800 931 162. HealthNow is available for your after-hours care if you are a permanent resident of postcodes 3909 and 3887 which includes Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers. The HealthNow doctor is funded by Gippsland PHN and supported by Gippsland Lakes Complete Health.

A doctor can help you with common conditions such as cold and flu, fever, nausea, and viral illnesses – similar to your regular GP.

You will also receive a health care summary after every consultation for your regular GP or the GP can send the health care summary directly to your GP via My Health Record with your consent.

HealthNow does not replace your regular GP. The service is for when you need a doctor’s help after hours or on weekends and your regular GP is not available.

This service is available after hours between

6:00pm-8:00amon weekdays,

after 12:00pm Saturday,

and all day Sunday and public holidays.

For more information and full Terms & Conditions visit https://healthnow.io/content/healthnow/gippslandphn.html