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To celebrate the work that Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) do to enhance the health of our population, Gippsland Lakes Community Health (GLCH) is acknowledging their passionate team of AHPs on Monday 14 October, which all over the world is known as Allied Health Professionals Day.

#AHPs Day is an initiative started in the UK by two clinicians to celebrate the valuable contribution that AHPs make in the lives of others. This worldwide #AHPsDay movement comes alive on Twitter, both leading up to, and on AHPs Day itself, with the inaugural event generating enormous traction with over 36 million twitter impressions and close to 18,000 individual tweets. 

At GLCH, the Allied Health team includes occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dietitians, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and allied health assistants, all of whom deal with children and adults of all ages.

“Our ever-growing team of allied health professionals deliver programs and services for people of all ages and abilities. We also cater to the needs of specific populations such as veterans, seniors, and young people with different abilities,” explains Angela Ellis, Executive Director of the Community Health & Services Unit at GLCH.

To find out how allied health professionals can help you live a healthier, happier and more physically mobile life, contact GLCH.