Children’s Centre : Foundations for learning and living

GLCH provides care and education to children from infancy through to school age in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We are an approved care service operating in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and the National Quality Standards.

We offer:

  • Full time, part time, before and after school, and casual child care
  • 4 year old Kinder featuring the unique off-site experience of Coastal Kinder

Children with additional needs

We believe that all children have the right to access and participate in high quality programs and services. We respect diversity and individuality and welcome children with special or additional needs.

If your child has been diagnosed with special needs or you are concerned about your child’s development, it is important that you inform staff upon enrolment. We may be able to access additional resources to further enhance your child’s development, or we can spend extra time on the settling in/orientation process.

Our philosophy is to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, engaging and welcoming environment with qualified staff, quality resources and equipment
  • Strengthen bonds with the community in partnership with the children, families and community agencies
  • Encourage active involvement from children, their families and the community in the development and evaluation of our programs
  • Ensure that all children have opportunities and experiences that support them to achieve their full potential
  • Provide a learning environment rich in opportunities, experiences and interactions
  • Plan programs based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Respect children as individuals
  • Work with others who also care for the children in our community, for the benefit of your child
  • Recognise childhood as a vital stage of development in our lifespan. Skills are developed and foundations for learning and living are nurtured.

For more information please contact:

GLCH Children’s Centre on 5155 3946