Disability Packages & Planning

At GLCH we ensure that people with a disability are able to make choices about their service and support arrangements and are provided with the best possible advice about their options.

Individual Support Packages (ISP)

Individual Support Packages are funds that are allocated to a person to meet their disability-related support needs. The funds may be used to buy a range of disability-related supports chosen by the person to assist them to achieve their goals. For eligible people (those who are in the process of applying for or who have already been given an ISP) we can help with:

Please note: for more information about ISPs, eligibility, and applications, please contact the DHS on 1800 783 783 or visit their website here.

We can help you

This program supports a young person with a disability from the age of 18 to move from school to employment, education or other services.

Flexible Support Packages

For people with disabilities living in the community, these packages offer information, planning, and short-term support, as well as assistance to access community and mainstream services.

Planning for Older Carers

This service helps older carers to plan for the future needs of a person with a disability.

Flexible Respite Package

This service allows carers to take a short-term or one-off break while someone else supports the person with a disability.

For more information please contact:

Disability Services Manager on 5155 8300

GLCH is a Registered NDIS Provider