Lymphoedema Service : Provides treatment and support

The lymphoedema nursing service provides treatment and support to people who are at risk of developing lymphoedema, or who have early signs of lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema is the chronic swelling of a body part (usually the limbs, but can affect other parts of the body). It is caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the body tissues, and may occur:
  • After surgery or radiotherapy
  • After removal of lypmh nodes
  • Due to a congenital abnormality of the lymphatic system
  • Due to a history of infection in a limb/body part
  • Due to injury or trauma to the lymphatic system

We can help with:

  • Information about prevention
  • Specialised lymphatic massage
  • Provision and ordering of compression garments
  • Specialised exercise routines
  • Skin care
  • Education Workshops

For more information please contact:

Our nurses will conduct a comprehensive assessment, generally in your home, and will work with you to meet your needs in the best way for you. The team can also conduct community group education sessions on a range of health related topics on request. NB GLCH delivers this service to residents of a catchment area roughly contained by the Tambo River to the west, the Bruthen-Buchan Road to the north and Hospital Creek to the east. If you live outside this area your care will be provided by another service provider.

Services available from:

  • In your home (by appointment only)

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