Sleep and Settle Program

Help your newborn, baby or toddler sleep and settle better

About the Sleep and Settle Program

If your family could benefit from a more successful sleep and settle routine for your newborn, baby or toddler then this is the program for you.

Sleep and settling concerns are common issues affecting families with children aged from birth to school age.

Recognising the importance of sleep for a child’s long-term development and for the wellbeing of families, support for Victorian families is now available through the ‘More help for new Victorian mums and dads’ initiative.

To support parents and caregivers, an evidenced-informed sleep and settling model of care has been developed which  includes three types of activities: 1) information sessions; 2) outreach consultations; and 3) additional 24-hour support through the MCH Line.

This model supports a family-centred approach, when sleep is highlighted as a concern by a parent or caregiver.

The model and factsheets provided will not recommend a single strategy or approach. Instead, they provide a suite of safe, evidence-informed options that allow parents and caregivers to make informed choices to suit their individual preferences, beliefs, parenting styles and ideologies.\

To access the Sleep and Settle Program, please contact:

For more information or to secure your place in the next course contact our Maternal Child and Health Team on 5155 8300 or