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Have you heard the news? We’ve got a new solar panel array on the way!

The new $500,000 installation, made possible by a State Government grant, means that GLCH in Lakes Entrance is poised to save almost $30,000 a year on power bills, provide back-up power in the event of a blackout or natural disaster AND help us as an organisation, track towards a more sustainable future 💚

More than 200 new solar panels will be installed over the coming months, will generate close to 120,000-kilowatt-hours of energy a year and are expected to pay for themselves within 15 years.

It’s a win-win!

The solar system will be particularly handy if the main power grid goes down or the region is subject to bushfire, flood or storm damage. This means we can keep providing you with your essential medical and health needs no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Pictured: GLCH staff members keen to see the new solar system installed include Aaron, Bethany, Winky and Allison.