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Recently, members of the Baptist Church in Lakes Entrance treated a small group of staff from our Family, Youth and Children’s (FYCS) Team to lunch ‘in appreciation and recognition for the significant contribution they make in the community.’ Our staff members, who say they have never received such generosity in recognition of the work they do, were delighted by the invitation and the opportunity to meet with church members, and say “It was a really nice thing for us to be invited to attend and we all really appreciated it.”

Each year, the Baptist Church allocate a small amount of funding to thank different services within our community (the local Ambo’s and Fire Brigade are other lucky diners). Our kind hosts also make a significant contribution to the community via support for people on community based work orders; and they are one of the generous local churches who facilitate the Combined Churches Emergency Food Relief Program that fundraise, shop and pack the food parcels that the FYCS team distribute to people who are in financial hardship.