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Children of East Bairnsdale have had the opportunity to work with local artist Gary Belskyj to create a sculpture for outside the Neighbourhood House in East Bairnsdale as part of a community arts project called ‘One for All’ coordinated by staff at Gippsland Lakes Complete Health.

The Neighbourhood House is a meeting place for children living in East Bairnsdale and provides after school programs, parenting projects, healthy eating programs, and much more.

With the support of a small funding grant from the East Gippsland Shire’s Arts Alliance Fund, ‘One for All’ is another positive step to involve East Bairnsdale residents in brighten up their streets.

Local artist Gary Belskyj works Mia Huggins, and Sky Auston on the community sculpture

Local artist Gary Belskyj and East Bairnsdale children Mia Huggins, and Sky Auston get creative working on the community sculpture