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This year’s celebration of International Nurses Day included recognition of a special member of our nursing team who has spent 50 years on the job – Zennie Pendergast.

Zennie began her nursing career in 1970 in Townsville, Queensland. Back in her homeland of the Philippines, Zennie applied to be part of a private overseas nurse’s scheme where, at the time, Australia was recruiting for student nurses.

Eventually, Zennie moved from Townsville to Melbourne, at the Royal Women’s Hospital where she studied midwifery. In Townsville, Zennie met her husband, who originated from Benambra. So Zennie ended up working in Omeo for 35 years – 29.5 of which, she says, were night duty!

In April this year, Zennie celebrated her 11th anniversary with GLCH. We thank you, Zennie for your incredible contribution to local communities.