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An important message to our community members


To support the safety of community members and staff, and to preserve protective equipment, we are making some changes to the way you access our services.

Medical services will continue to operate with a number of regular patients having their services delivered via telehealth

At the Lakes Entrance site, we will be closing the door to Complete Therapies. Any clients with therapy appointments are to gain access via medical reception.

In Bairnsdale, the front door has been closed. Only clients who have appointments or have other contact arrangements will be allowed entry. People who need emergency assistance such as help with food, accommodation or financial assistance can call 5155 8300 (press option ‘6’) for a phone appointment.

If you need to see our Sexual Health Nurse in Bairnsdale, please phone 5168 9643.

We will be calling all of our domestic assistance clients to discuss their most pressing needs. These calls will screen for health concerns in the current pandemic. They will also assess whether domestic assistance services can be reduced so we can focus our resources on clients with high needs. As there is a worldwide shortage of hand sanitiser, masks, gowns and gloves so we need to preserve what we can for medical needs. Personal care needs will be prioritised. Shopping and meals will be managed with contactless deliveries to the front door. We do this to minimise any possibility of leaving you with the virus as well as our duty of care for our staff.

Our outreach sites in Bruthen, Nowa Nowa and Metung will be scaled back over the next week and entry will be by appointment only.

Where possible staff will be working via telephone and videoconferencing to minimise possible infection rates to help Victoria to flatten the curve. Your patience will help us to achieve this.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 5155 8300 or For an up-to-date list of our service closures please visit…/