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Membership is a way to show your support for GLCH and the work we do. It may also increase your sense of connection with the community.

Membership is free!

When you become a member you will:

There are four categories of membership:

How can I become a member?

To join, simply complete and return a membership form. You can:

On receipt of your membership form, the GLCH Board of Directors will consider your application as soon as practicable (Board meetings are held 10 times per year)*. You will be advised of the outcome within 8 weeks your application.

*As specified in Clause 3.15 of the GLCH Constitution:

The Board must consider each application for Membership as soon as practicable after its receipt. The Board has discretion to admit or reject the application. The Board need not give reasons for its decision. Where the Board rejects an application to become a Voting Member, the Board may invite that applicant to become an Associate Member.