Men’s Behaviour Change : Voluntary program for men

This is a voluntary program for men who use violent, abusive and controlling behaviours in their personal relationships.

It is an opportunity for men to understand who they are, how their behaviour affects women and children in their lives and how to bring about positive change. The service is available to men who have issues of violence in their lives, or by partners who are affected by this violence.

For more information, please contact:

Assessment and Response

When you contact us about our social support and counselling services, or are referred to us, the first person you talk to is usually part of our assessment and response team. They will:

  • take or confirm your contact details
  • talk to you about, and assess, your needs
  • give you information about our services and your rights and responsibilities as a client of GLCH
  • organise an appointment for you or arrange for a service to contact you
  • provide information and referral to services outside of GLCH as necessary
  • provide assistance to meet any immediate need

For more information contact: 5155 8300