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Not one, but two Men’s Shed in Lakes Entrance


Men’s Sheds are typically places where blokes of varying ages and abilities can regularly get together to socialise and build things for their local community. These groups offer social, emotional and other benefits for participants as they provide a place to belong, a sense of purpose, and opportunities to enhance self-esteem and confidence. In Australia, there are almost 1,000 Men’s Sheds around the country, making it one of the largest male-based community development opportunities.

Did you know, in Lakes Entrance we’re lucky enough to have not just one but two Men’s Sheds?

The Lakes Entrance Men’s Shed Inc is located at 10 Coates Road, and currently has around 80 to 90 members, with new people always welcome to join. Activities on offer include woodwork, metalwork and cooking and the Shed is open for business (aka “fun”!) every weekday from 9am to 4pm.

The second one is called the Gippsland Lakes Men’s Shed. This is a social support group, which is located at the back of 30 Jemmeson Street and is delivered by Gippsland Lakes Community Health (GLCH).

Angela Ellis, Executive Manager of Community Health Services Unit at GLCH says “It’s great that the town can provide multiple options where men can go and get together to build things and socialise.”

“The men who attend our social support group enjoy many health benefits as a result, which comes from regularly being around and interacting with other people, from keeping their brains challenged through activities such as woodwork; from successfully cultivating a veggie garden; and by being able to give back to the community.”

“While having the two groups in the one town may occasionally cause confusion among residents,” adds Ms Ellis, “the bottom line is, the men in Lakes Entrance are definitely not short of choice when it comes to finding a place to go where they can make friends, build things, and feel good about themselves.”

To find out more about the Lakes Entrance Men’s Shed call 5155 3548, or to learn more about GLCH’s social support group phone 5155 8300.