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Speech Pathology Week | Communication is everyone’s right


There are 1.2 million Australians with communication disabilities. Speech pathologists like Rachel, Morgan, Madison and Jennifer (pictured below), from Gippsland Lakes Complete Health work with people of all ages to ensure that communication is everyone’s right.

In Australia today, communication disability remains largely invisible. Unseen and out-of-sight.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has highlighted the challenges faced by Australians with communication disabilities.

That’s why during Speech Pathology Week, from 22-28 August, the speech pathology team at GLCH are highlighting the week’s theme: Communication is everyone’s right.

“Communication is a basic human right. It is fundamental to a person’s ability to participate fully in the social, educational, economic and sporting aspects of our community,” explained Kathy Dickinson, executive manager of the Support, Therapies, Education and Prevention Unit at GLCH.

“Many Australians with communication disability cannot maximise educational, health and social outcomes, without the intervention of a speech pathologist.”

The speech pathology team at GLCH study, diagnose and treat communication disability, including difficulties with speech, language, reading and writing, stuttering and voice. They work with children and adults who have communication disabilities that may emerge during early childhood; because of a physical, intellectual or sensory disability or mental illness; or during adult years such as traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

 For information about Speech Pathology Week visit or connect with the team at GLCH.