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Save us, save our world! Stop our planet from turning upside down.

That’s the message from St Brendan’s Primary School students in their bid to capture greater recognition of the harmful effects of climate change.

The students’ video urges everyone to take action on climate change for the benefit of future generations and to “stop our planet from turning upside down”.

A joint venture between the school and Gippsland Lakes Complete Health, the video shows the school’s 2021 Grade 4 students press the message to save the planet for their generation, to not waste any time in giving the planet what it deserves, to “start now”, not later.

“Don’t hesitate, put your hand up to help now …

“Together we can save our whole planet,” the students sing in the video.

GLCH health promotion worker, Andrea Farley, collaborated with the students to craft their overall message, create art for the project, come up with lyrics and generated a catchy tune for the music video.

She said the video would be released on social media and used as a tool to “encourage other educational settings and the community to take up the challenge to help build awareness and create the changes to make our world a better place”.

One of the students involved in the creation of the song and video, Anabelle Nelsson, said it was important everyone learned more about climate change.

“If we don’t learn what to do as kids, the world really will turn upside down when we are older,” she said.

Another student, Sisilia Tuisue, said making the video was as much fun as enjoying the moment with friends.

“It was an amazing experience learning about what we can do to help prevent climate change, but it also was really fun making the video and having the chance to sing and dance with friends.”

St Brendan’s principal, Matt Hamer, said the students loved every minute of the song writing and video production process, but their message was a serious one.

“The Tackling Climate Change Project aimed to maximise student involvement to produce an authentic article of work,” Mr Hamer said.

“For us, the project was a huge success in that our students wrote the lyrics, starred in the video and had fun producing the song. The video now provides a stimulus for our community to get involved in dialogue and to take action on preventing climate change.

“We realise that it is the ‘doing’ part that we must all take responsibility for if we are going to make a difference.”