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Sharing the message – local Aboriginal communities say smoking is not okay!


The Health Promotion team at Gippsland Lakes Complete Health (GLCH) have partnered with the Tackling Indigenous Smoking team from Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association (LEAHA) to promote a smoke-free message to local Aboriginal families.

At a recent Family Fun Day at Cape Conran, the teams encouraged community members to have their photo taken with their ‘Fresh Air Frame.’ Images were printed off on the day for people to take home and display in their home as a reminder not to smoke cigarettes.

“Some of the adults admitted that they were or had been smokers,” said Andrea Farley, health promotion worker from GLCH, “but were keen to share the message to children and younger family members that smoking is not okay.”

Contact the team at LEAHA to find out more about how they are tackling Indigenous smoking.

Fresh Air Frame